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  • Guest

    MAASHA-ALLAH! Really good site . May ALLAH help u to carry THE DAWAH. AMEN.

  • Anwer

    May Allah Bless You With Pease and Tranquality

  • amendawalton

    As a new convert continuing in my studies of Islam this past year I’m finding this site very helpful in my studies and to keep my faith in Allah strong. Shukran Asalamu aleikum wa rahmatuallah 

  • Habeeb

    Alhamdlillah, Congratulations. A very interesting site indeed, very informative for all! May Allah bless the organizing committee and all the readers as well.

  • habeeb-llah

    alhamdulillah for this site…jazakAllah khaeran jaza katheeran for every partaker in this goodwill

  • jailany

    ALLAH is with us..ALHAMTHULILLAH!!!!realllllllllly soooooooo good…I love this side vryyyyyyy much…thanks ALLAH for giving this…love ALLAH

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