A Must Read! 110 SHIA’A POINTS

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A Must Read! 110 SHIA’A POINTS


Every single one of the following 110 points can be found in Shia books.


1. The Shia Kalimah is different from the Muslim Kalimah Shahadah. The Shia Kalimah is: La Ila Haa Illallahu Muhammdur Rasoolullahi Aliyun Waliyullahi Wasiyyu Rasulillahi Wa Khalifatuhu Bila Faslin
2. In the Shia Adhan the words ‘Ashadu Anna Aliyan Waliyullah’ and ‘Hujjatulllah’ are added and also the words ‘Hayya ‘Ala Khayril ‘Amal’ are added
3. The five pillars of Shiasm are: Wilayat/Imamat, Salat, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj
4. One should recite after every Salah: O Allah! Send down your curses upon Abu Bakr, Umar, Othman, Muawiyah, Aishah, Hafsah, Hind, and Ummul Hakam
5. Lying is extremely meritorious and rewarding
6. It is extremely important to conceal one’s faith
7. Deceit and deception is a noble act
8. Taqiyyah is permissible which is to pretend by doing or saying exactly the opposite of what a person believes or feels. Obfuscation of Shia beliefs is allowed
9. Nine-tenth of the whole religion lies in Taqiyyah
10. Looking at private parts of non-Muslims is permissible and it is just like looking at the private parts of an animal
11. Only the color of the skin has to be covered (if the skin is painted, then a person can walk around without clothes). Imam Baqir appeared without any lower garment and he said it was permissible because he had put lime on his private parts.
12. Anal sex is permitted
13. Marriage can be conducted without any witnesses
14. A person will enter Paradise if they wash and consume a morsel of food which has fallen in excrement
15. Mutah i.e. temporary marriage/renting out the female body for whatever time period is allowed
16. The sordid act of Mutah is more rewarding than Salat and Fasting
17. If Mutah is done once, a person attains the status of Husain, if done twice, the status of Hasan, if done three times, the status of Ali, if done four times, the status of Prophet Muhammed
18. Whoever does Mutah three times, he will be completely emancipated from the fire of hell
19. A person is allowed to let someone else benefit from his wife’s private parts
20. Sunnis are worse than dogs
21. Sunnis are worse than illegitimate children
22. Sunnis are not allowed to name their children in Iran with names like Abu Bakr, Umar, Aishah etc.
23. According to Shia narrations, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam secretly dictated a manuscript (sahifah) to Ali Radiallahu Anhu that was (upon completion) “seventy feet long”. It contains all the laws of halaal, haraam and everything else a person needs to the extent that it even contains the penalty of a scratch. It is also called the Saheefah of Ali.
24. Jafr is a container made from skin that contains the knowledge of all the Nabis, Wasiys, and Ulema that passed among the Bani Israeel
25. In a lengthy discussion between Imam Ja’far Saadiq and Abu Basheer, the imam describes the mushaf of Fatimah saying: “A mushaf in which is three times more than your Quran. By Allah, not a single word of it is in your Quran”.
26. The angels made an error and were in a misunderstanding when Husain (R.A.) was martyred
27. Feet are not washed in Wudhu. Only Masah and wiping of the feet should be done.
28. Sajdah Tilawat and funeral prayers are permitted without Wudhu and Ghusl
29. It is permissible to perform prayers in the direction of the graves of the Shia Imams
30. Shias break their fast about ten to fifteen minutes after sunset
31. Tarawih prayers in Ramadhan are not performed by Shias
32. Mutah Dawriyyah is permissible where ten or twenty men can have sexual relations with one woman in one night
33. The land of Karbala is better than the Kabah
34. To ask help from Ali by saying, “Ya Ali Madad”, is not shirk

35. The doctrine and quality of Badaa is ascribed to Allah which means that Allah makes mistakes and Allah forgets
36. In a state of anger, God can not differentiate between friends and enemies
37. Allah was scared of the companions of Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam
38. Allah must judge and decide according to what the human intellect deems beneficial for humans
39. Allah did not create everything

40. Quran is incomplete and it has been tampered with interpolated and altered
41. The Shia Quran is with the final Imam who has been hiding from the age of five in a cave in Iraq since the last 1200 years
42. Current Quran completely different from Shia Quran
43. The current Quran right now has more than 6000 verses but the Shia Quran has more than 17000

44. Prophet Adam (A.S.) is worse than Satan
45. Accuse Adam (A.S.) of rebellion, jealousy, and malice
46. Prophets make mistakes which eventually deprives them of Prophethood like Prophet Yusuf (A.S.)
47. Ismaili Shias believe in the continuation of Prophethood
48. Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam was scared of the creation of Allah and did not propagate correctly
49. Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam rejected a gift of Allah
50. Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam asked for compensation for teaching
51. Ali (R.A.) had the choice and the option of divorcing the wives of Prophet Muhammed (SAW)
52. The wives of the Prophet are not considered to be from the family of the Prophet
53. All the Sahabahs except a few turned apostates and turned away from Islam after the demise of Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasaalm
54. One should dissociate with the 4 idols: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan, Muawiyya and 4 women Ayesha, Hafsa, Hind, and Ummul Hakam.
55. One should curse the above after each prayer
56. Aishah (R.A.) and Hafsah (R.A.) poisoned Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam
57. Aishah (R.A.) was a traitor and a hypocrite and she is remembered with the vilest epithets
58. Aishah (R.A.) committed adultery
59. Less than ten Sahabah remained on Islam after the Prophet’s death

The concept of Imams is an integral belief of Shiaism. This concept is completely different from the four Imams of Fiqh. The four Imams of Fiqh of Islam are cursed by Shia authors and the four illustrious Imams of Fiqh are specifically called ‘dogs’.

60. Shias believe in the concept of 12 Imams
61. The Imams are appointed (mansoos alaih) by Allah just as the Prophets
62. The 12 Imams are on the same level and are on par with Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam
63. The first Imam is Ali (R.A.) and the last Imam is hiding since the age of five in a cave in Iraq
64. Shia Imams are born from the thighs of their mothers because the private parts are unclean
65. Shia Imams are Hazir Nazir i.e. they are present every where and they are omnipresent
66. The Imams are ma’soom (i.e. infallible, sinless) like the Prophets
67. It is compulsory to bring Imaan on the Imams. To reject any Imam is disbelief just as it is disbelief to reject a Prophet
68. The unconditional obedience of the Imam is compulsory
69. The Imams receive wahi and revelation
70. Just as the Ambiyaa and the Prophets are bestowed with certain mu’jizaat and miracles that are proof of their Prophethood, similarly the Imams have been bestowed with certain mu’jizaat that are proof of their Imaamat
71. The Imams have the right to abrogate any command of the Shariah. It is permissible for them to declare a haraam thing halaal and vice versa
72. Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anhu and the rest of the Imams have a greater status than the Prophets
73. The Imams have more knowledge than the Prophets A.S.
74. The entire creation including the Prophets were created for the sake of the Imams
75. A covenant was taken from the Prophets regarding the imaamat of the Imams (that they accepted their imaamat)
76. The Prophets received prophethood because they had accepted the imaamat of the Imams
77. Allah Ta’ala had compelled the entire creation including the Prophets to accept, whether willingly or unwillingly, the wilaayat of the Imams
78. The Ambiyaa gain ‘noor’ and light from the ‘noor’ of the Imams
79. On the day of Qiyaamah, Ali Radiallahu Anhu will be ahead (in front) of all the Ambiyaa
80. On the day of Qiyaamah, Ali Radiallahu Anhu’s chair will be on the right of Allah Ta’ala’s throne (arsh) while the chairs of the Ambiyaa will be on the left of the throne
81. The supplications of the Ambiyaa are accepted through the mediation (tufail) of the Imams
82. The reason for Aadam Alaihi Salaam not being included among the Ulool Azam Ambiyaa is that he was jealous of the status of the Imams
83. Ibrahim Alaihi Salaam was first given nubuwwat, thereafter khullat (i.e. he was made the khaleel and bosom friend of Allah) and only then was he given imaamat
84. Ayub Alaihi Salaam was afflicted with a severe illness because he doubted the imaamat of Ali Radiallahu Anhu
85. If Moosa Alaihi Salaam was alive it would be compulsory for him to obey the imams
86. Yunus Alaihi Salaam was swallowed by the fish because he rejected the wilaayat of Ali Radiallahu Anhu
87. The entire earth belongs to the imam
88. Shias attribute the following statement to Ali Radiallahu Anhu: “I grant life and death. I am all living and I never die.”
89. Shias believe that their Imams know whatever is in the hearts of people and they are omniscient
90. Shias maintain that Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam told Ali Radiallahu Anhu:
“O Ali! You are the dayyaan (one who will give reward) of this ummah and you are responsible for their account. You will be the ‘Rukn e A’azam’ of Allah on the day of Qiyaamah. Listen! Certainly the people are going to return to you and you will be responsible for taking their reckoning. The bridge (siraat) will be yours, the scale will be yours and the place of standing (mauqaf) will be yours!”
91. Many Shia narrations mention Ali Radiallahu Anhu’s title as “Distributor of Jannat and Jahannam”.
Allamah Baaqir Majlisi has established a separate chapter in his book Bihaar Ul Anwaar entitled: “Certainly he (Ali) is the distributor of Jannat and Jahannam.”
92. Allamah Baaqir Majlisi the famous Shia scholar writes in his book Hayaatul Quloob : “The status of Imaamat is higher than nubuwwat”.
93. The imams have knowledge of everything that occurred in the past and everything that will occur in the future and that nothing in the earth and skies is concealed and hidden from them
94. The imams know when they will die
95. The imams know the reality of the faith and hypocrisy of every person on earth. They have in their possession a list of all those who will enter Jannat and all those who will enter Jahannam.
96. The imams know all the different languages of the world and converse in them also
97. The imams know the languages of the birds and animals
98. According to Shia narrations, the souls of the imams go on mi’raj on the eve of every Jumu’ah. During this mi’raj they reach the throne of Allah where vast knowledge is given to them.
99. According to Shia belief, a special book is revealed to the imams every Laylatul Qadr. It is brought to them by the angels and Ar Rooh.
100. As soon as the Imams are born, they read all the divine books
101. The Imams are capable of performing all the miracles of the Prophets
102. Shias do not criticize the quarrels which took place between the followers of their Imams
103. The companions of the Shia Imams were bereft of truthfulness, trustworthiness, and allegiance
104. The companions of the Shia Imams did not correctly acquire the knowledge of the Usool (fundamentals) and the Furoo’ (branches) of religion
105. The final Imam has been in hiding since the last 1200 years in a cave in Iraq. When he will appear, the Prophet and Ali (R.A.) will pledge allegiance to him (Bay’ah)
106. The final Imam will exhume the bodies of Abu Bakr and Umar and he will hang up their naked bodies and flog them and he will cause them to die 1000 times in a day and night
107. Aishah will be brought back to life and she will be flogged as well by the final Imam
108. The final Imam will slaughter all the Sunnis and he will start killing their scholars first
109. If one does not accept the Shia concept of Imaams then the person is a Kaafir and a non-Muslim
110. The final imam will appear when there will be 313 sincere Shias


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